Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Day

   We always have Christmas morning together.  And now we like to wear coordinating pajamas. 


Mom started this new tradition in the new house, looking over the banister for a picture before we open presents.  For me, the way Mom does Christmas morning makes me feel like such a kid, which I love.  We can't look at the Santa set up until she is ready with the camera.  

We each have our Santa pile with our stockings.  Santa didn't start wrapping gifts until a few years ago, but we learned to adjust.  Changing something like Christmas is always a shock at first, even at 28, 24, and 19.  :)

Santa leaves little notes for us.

 Jules usually opens her stocking first because she is so impatient.  This year, she snuck into Mom's room, snooped through some shopping bags, found Angel's present and ripped it open to eat.  She should have gotten coal, but she's just too cute.  She puked up the treat anyway, so she was punished enough. 

And now, the presents.

My boots.  I wanted these sooooooooo bad.  Thanks, mom!

Jessica got her sewing machine.  Her exact words were, "I'm gonna be sewing all over your butts!"  So aggressive, Jess.

She pretty much thought every present was a treat.

Getting presents from under the tree.


Her Miss Piggy Pez.

Jules loved her new zebra ball.  She used to love to play ball, then took a long break.  Drew was over one day and he was acting like a dog playing fetch.  Apparently that spoke to Jules somehow, she started playing ball and now she always wants to.  Thanks, Drew!

A Poinsettia.  Cranberry juice and champagne.

 Mom has always saved boxes from the year to wrap presents, so we never know what we might open.
She just kept checking to make sure there was nothing new inside.

THIS is why I love Christmas morning.  Mom's breakfast pie.  They all nicely allowed it to turn into a vegetarian breakfast pie for me.

Sookie loved her stocking from Mom and proudly rocked her new shirt.

Merry Christmas!


Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Eve: Part 2

        Every year we have the Christmas Eve party at our house and it's always a blast.  The day before Christmas Eve, mom let me one gift.  This was a gift I had needed soo badly.  When I photographed Liz's wedding, I'm pretty sure I left my battery AND charger at the venue.  I have been using my battery grip ever since then.  Don't get me wrong, a battery grip is a wonderful thing, but not for everyday use.  Anyway, Mom got me two new batteries and a charger!  Thank goodness.  It was so exciting to go back to the actual camera itself without that huge grip attached.  I haven't had to change the battery since.  And it's New Year's Eve.  

Back to Christmas Eve...
The Queen of the Kitchen made these adorable little reindeer, with a little help from Pinterest.

And these.  That's Hershey Kisses, the hugs, melted in between.  Talk about yum, sweet and salty finger licking good.

Eating a cookie he made himself.

I'll give you one guess as to whom this belongs to.

Hello Kitty, pens, and fairy wings.

Like father.

Like son.

Jamie, my best friend from 6th grade, brought her husband and baby boy and celebrated with us.

Mom was so excited to play her new game, Hedbanz.  It looked like so much fun.

Merry Christmas Everyone!